A seven member council manages the Illinois Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund. They work to insure the monies from the Fund are effectively used to clean up the environment, that the Fund participants receive timely professional services and that the Fund's resources are economically used in order to benefit the maximum number of Illinois drycleaner facilities.

All seven council members are appointed by the governor. Four trustees must own or operate a drycleaning facility. Another council member must represent the wholesale distributors of drycleaning solvents, one must represent the drycleaning equipment manufacturers and vendor community and one member with experience in financial markets or the insurance industry must be represented.

The Governor has appointed the following Council members as of July 3, 2013:

Mr. John Polak, Chairman Mr. Young B. Kim
Naperville, IL Chicago, IL
Term expires May 1, 2008 Term expires May 1, 2007
Mr. John Bredenkamp Mr. Dae Kim
Effingham, IL Barrington, IL
Term expires May 1, 2015 Term expires May 1, 2018
Mr. Sung Do Kang Mr. Robert Dunham
Algonquin, IL Crystal Lake, IL
Term expires May 1, 2019 Term expires May 1, 2018
Mr. Daniel Kim  
Hinsdale, IL  
Term expires May 1, 2016